My family and I love our Go-Kots and use them frequently as guest beds at home and away. We'll never travel without them! Thanks for making such a great product in the USA!

Greg S.

GO-KOT still great after 28 years!  It is the best camping gear investment I've ever made. It's easy to set up and comfortable. My GO-KOT has given me a good night's sleep for weeks at a time camping all over the world. Now my kids use it when they have friends over. I just ordered two more so they can have their own. My old one has only four legs. The new ones have six. 

- Yukon G. (AK)

I recently purchased a Go-Kot from your company. The phone person was friendly and even called me back with the tracking number. The Go-Kot was so easy to assemble and the quality of the materials were the best. The combination of the quality USA manufacturing and the friendly southern customer service makes me want to tell all my friends about you! As a matter of fact, a good friend told me about your company.

- David K. (OH)

“I don’t normally review products because I always forget to but, I feel like I really have to for this. I am not being asked to do this but, in the wake of Florence, I feel I need to. So, in August Sean and I went on a camping trip. I bought Go-Kots for the trip due to them being lightweight and durable. When we used them I had the best sleep I have ever had camping. We thought it would be great on the motorcycles and maybe if we had guests over but not much else. Then #Florence happened. We stayed in our city of #WilmingtonNC but went to a safer house. We have been sleeping on our cots for over a week now and sleeping great! When the power and AC came back on and Sean made it freezing, I thought I could never be warm on these. I found out that a blanket under me made it perfect. I will be happy to have my own bed back, but will always be grateful to @campingcot for making these great cots!”

Tamara NC

I have a friend with a Go-Kot and I've watched him set it up quick like a bunny and extol the comfort virtues. After using inflatable pads with varying success, I finally ordered a Go-Kot in July 2018 to use during a week long bike ride. Setting up a new campsite every night after riding all day can be a pain but Go-Kot made it pretty painless. No, it isn't as comfortable as my bed at home but it is a great sleep for camping. The quality is exceptional and my only complaint was that I waited too long to buy it. By the way, this fall my wife and I were camping in Montana. Yep, she had the Go-Kot and I was rolling on and off my old inflatable pad.

Tom Scalin