It's National Park Week!

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It's National Park Week!

National Park Week

Every April, during the presidentially-proclaimed National Park Week, The National Park Service teams up with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America's national parks. Together they celebrate America's treasures! This year National Park Week is from April 20-28 and it is all about exploring Earth's amazing places and discovering stories of history and culture! The National Park Service and The National Park Foundation encourage you to help out and find your park! 

The Daily Schedule 

We celebrated Earth Day yesterday, and now here is the schedule for the rest of the week! There is so much to learn and so many activities to participate in on each day, so visit the National Park Service for more information on each day!

April 23 - Transportation Tuesday: Learn how the innovation of the past, present, and future play a critical role in the enjoyment and stewardship of national parks.

April 24 - Wild Wednesday: This day is dedicated to embracing the wild side of national parks by exploring wilderness, wildlife, and all the wild experiences you can encounter!

April 25 - Throwback Thursday: Learn more about the efforts to keep the nation's historic heritage preserved in parks and communities.

April 26 - Friendship Friday: Everyone needs a little help from their friends! Learn how different groups are involved in protecting parks and providing opportunities.

April 27 - BARK Ranger Day: Our favorite day! Take your pup on a hike and learn how they can become a B.A.R.K. Ranger and get a badge!

April 28 - Park RX Day: Get yourself to a park and experience all the physical and mental health benefits that are associated with being out in nature!

Additional Fun This Week

  • There are special events and activities happening at national parks across the country in celebration of National Park Week. Click here to view the calendar and find an event near you!
  • You can update your profile image with a national park frame to show your love of national parks.
  • Use #FindYourPark on Twitter for a special ranger emoji to appear on your tweets.
  • Check out the National Park Service trivia page and test your knowledge! The latest trivia answer will be revealed on April 29. 

Our Favorite National Park

Our favorite national park, right now at least, is Grand Teton National Park. The National Park Service states that few landscapes in the world are as striking and memorable as that of Grand Teton National Park, and we couldn't agree more! Everywhere you turn you are met with breathtaking views and there are endless activities to keep you busy on your visit. Click here to learn more! 

What is your favorite nation park? Or which is the one you want to visit the most? Comment below and let us know!


NPS Photo, The Middle Teton in Garnet Canyon

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  • Angela

    Happy National Park week! What a great read, with tons of information. We are going to the Everglades National next. Not sure of our favorite park but always excited to explore a new one!!

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