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We absolutely love when an interaction with a customer leads to a wonderful story that reminds us why we love our job. We just had one of these interactions and we are excited to share the story with you!  The Perfect Gift Back in early December 2018, a customer reached out to us worried that her purchase would not make it in time for Christmas. Her 14-year old son really wanted a GO-KOT and, having a teenager as well, we understand the pressure. We assured her it would arrive in time, and it did. After receiving the GO-KOT, the customer...

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Choosing Your Campsite Camping is one of those activities where you either really love it or absolutely hate it, there isn’t really an in between. Over the years, we have noticed that those who hate camping have typically had a bad experience while camping. With more digging, we find that almost every bad experience is related to the chosen campsite. So, while it might seem simple, we are going to share our best tips on how to choose the perfect campsite! The 5 W’s There are a few variations of the “W’s” when choosing a campsite, but these are our favorite: 1....

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Sleeping Tips For Campers Many people’s number one concern when it comes to camping is getting a good night’s sleep. This is understandable, considering you need to be well rested to fully enjoy the day’s adventures. You also want to come home from your camping trip feeling refreshed, not exhausted. With that in mind, here are our best sleeping tips for campers! What To Pack 1. Bring A GO-KOT® We are all used to our own beds and having more comfort and support at night. So when you’re out camping, sleeping on the hard ground or an air mattress that...

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