The Benefits of Purchasing a GO-KOT®

The Benefits of Purchasing a GO-KOT®

Why Choose a GO-KOT®?

There are many camping cots on the market, as well as other options like sleeping pads and air mattresses. So what makes the GO-KOT® the better choice? 

1. Comfort:

The way the GO-KOT® is constructed makes it extremely comfortable. Many of our customers compare it to "sleeping on a trampoline." The GO-KOT® also gets you off the ground. Being elevated keeps you off the cold, hard ground during the winter months and it allows air to circulate around the bed to keep you cool in the summer. In addition, being off the ground puts less tension and pressure on your bones and joints. This allows you to get the best night's sleep possible, so you are ready to take on tomorrow's adventures! For optimal comfort, the GO-KOT® comes in two sizes: regular and long. Both supporting up to 350lbs!

2. Design:

The main problems people have with camping cots is that they are difficult to set up and too bulky to bring along and to store. The GO-KOT® design fixes both of those issues. The GO-KOT® can be assembled and taken down in about 60 seconds. The cot itself weighs only 10lbs and folds down into a nice, compact carrying case that is easy to store. It can also easily be placed in your car, kayak, or canoe and even strapped to a backpack or motorcycle. The possibilities are endless!

3. Durability:

The GO-KOT® is constructed with thick aluminum side poles, galvanized spring steel legs, high-impact hinges, and it is covered with 1000 Denier Nylon CORDURA® fabric. This delivers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, along with equally excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. Overall, the GO-KOT® is built to last and can handle anything you may need it for. 

4. Ease of Use:

As we mentioned above, the GO-KOT® is lightweight and takes only 60 seconds to set up or take down! The GO-KOT® also makes setting up camp easier since terrain isn't as big of an issue. As long as you can find a relatively flat surface, you can set up your cot. You won't have to worry about rocks, sticks or weeds like you would with a sleeping bag or air bed.

5. Versatility: 

The GO-KOT® isn't just for camping. It can be taken on just about any outdoor adventure you can think of; horseback riding, kayaking, motorcycling, hunting, bicycling, you name it! It is also great to bring to sporting events and festivals, and serves as the perfect extra bed in your RV or at home! The GO-KOT can even help first responders get the sleep they need between shifts. 


Don’t just take it from us! Check out some of our most recent reviews:

“I recently purchased a Go-Kot from your company. The phone person was friendly and even called me back with the tracking number. The Go-Kot was so easy to assemble and the quality of the materials were the best. The combination of the quality USA manufacturing and the friendly southern customer service makes me want to tell all my friends about you! As a matter of fact, a good friend told me about your company.” -David K. 

"Thanks for making a great product! Took my OD Green Go-Kot out to Yakima Training Center for a 10-day field exercise. Slept like a baby!" - Andrew H. 

“Our family have used our original cots from GoKot for numerous years without fail.  Construction and materials are extraordinary.  Thank you for making something so well made and affordable in the U.S.A.!  Thanks for the jobs and pride you take for your company, employees and customers!” -Michelle O. 

“Just got my Go-Kot last week and I''m very happy with the purchase. It was quick and easy to assemble and it's made very, very well. Looking forward to taking it camping this year.” Ryan M.

Special Offer!

Order your GO-KOT® by July 31, 2019 and and receive a free Side Accessory Bag! ($24.99 Value!!)

The side accessory bag is a great way to keep your important items (keys, wallet, phone, flashlight) close and off the ground. It’s also divided into three separate pockets so you have easy access to your items without having to search for them!

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