Why Sleep on a GO-KOT® Camping Cot?

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Why Sleep on a GO-KOT® Camping Cot?

The Benefits of Cots

The most important benefit of sleeping cots is that they get you off the ground. Being elevated keeps you off the cold, hard ground during the winter months and it allows air to circulate around the cot bed to keep you cool in the summer. It is also ideal to be sleeping off the ground during the rainy season.

Another benefit of sleeping off the ground is that terrain isn't as big of an issue. As long as you can find a relatively flat surface, you can set up your portable cot. You won't have to worry about rocks, sticks or weeds like you would with a sleeping bag or air bed.

Why Chose the GO-KOT®?

The GO-KOT® cot has all the benefits of a traditional camping cot, but there are a few aspects that really set it apart:


The GO-KOT® is constructed with thick aluminum side poles, galvanized spring steel legs, and high-impact hinges, and it is covered with 1000 Denier Nylon CORDURA® fabric. This delivers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, along with equally excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. Overall, our portable cot is built to last and can handle anything you may need it for. We even have a convenient portable cot set that includes everything you need to get off the ground.


Along with being durable, the way the GO-KOT® camping cot is constructed makes it extremely comfortable. Many of our customers compare it to "sleeping on a trampoline." You are not only elevated off the ground, but you also have less tension and pressure on your bones and joints. This allows you to get the best night's sleep possible so you are ready to take on tomorrow's adventures! For optimal comfort, GO-KOT® sleeping cots come in two sizes: regular and long. Both support up to 350 lbs!


The main problems people have with camping cots is that they are difficult to set up, too bulky to bring along, and too large to store. The GO-KOT® portable cot design fixes these issues. The GO-KOT® can be assembled and taken down in about 60 seconds. The cot itself weighs only 10 lbs and folds down into a nice, compact carrying case that is easy to store. It can also easily be placed in your car, kayak, or canoe and even strapped to a backpack or motorcycle. The possibilities are endless!

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